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Mobile Coverage

In the current market, Communication is essential for business and consumers alike. Businesses are trending towards migrating services to mobile networks and customers expect a seamless user experience across multiple platforms and smart devices.

Over recent years major telco operators are finding it increasingly difficult to upgrade and acquire new mobile towers which impact all end users across Australia. This affects mobile users limiting their communication and data access on their devices.

It is now critical to have 4G coverage to enable users to communicate and access data services quickly and reliably. With 5G networks rolling out across Australia, it is more unlikely you will receive 5G coverage without an underlying 4G service

Praetorian offers coverage solutions for clients whether it is Residential, Commercial, Industrial or Rural. Clients will be able to have their own coverage inside or outside their premises where previously signals were poor or non-existent. We use a team of dedicated and experienced engineers to design the optimal solution for your needs.

RF Services

When conducting RF services, we believe it is important to understand more than just the RF design alone. Our Engineers have extensive knowledge in SAED (Site Acquisition Environment and Design), SMR (Site Make Ready) and apply this knowledge when completing RF services. For our clients this translates into cost savings and effective first-time right delivery. Our data captured during SDVs (site design visits) ensure safety compliance, buildability and cost-effective solutions for the Carrier’s customer needs.

The Team here at Praetorian have over 40 years combined knowledge and experience in designing, auditing, building and maintaining Telecommunication facilities across Australia.

We have an extensive range of services that you can customise to suit your requirements for any scope and timeframe you desire.

Site Services

Praetorian also offer Telecommunication Facility services for Maintenance, Troubleshooting, Plug and Play, Integration, Minor and Major Upgrades, Greenfield deployment, project management and more.

Utilising our experienced teams and partners we ensure successful first-time right delivery.

If you would like to find out more about our services, please contact us.